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Excavator with hydraulic cylinder arm

Why You Need a Hydraulics Preventive Maintenance Program

Hydraulic systems involve a number of specialized components, like hydraulic cylinders and hoses, working in harmony. That is why maintaining a hydraulic system requires specialized service or repair expertise. The system’s ability to work safely and efficiently is largely dependent on using the correct type of hydraulic cylinder and following essential safety tips and best […]

Hydraulic hoses and couplings

Hydraulic hose construction and characteristics

The cylinder is generally the most important part of a hydraulic system and requires special expertise to properly service or repair, but the hoses used in hydraulics are also essential to the system’s ability to work safely and efficiently. We have previously shared information about common types of hydraulic cylinder, as well as important safety […]

Hydraulic hoses and couplings

Safety Tips for Hydraulic Hoses and Couplings

Hydraulic systems are incredibly useful for a variety of industries. But the tremendous amount of force generated by industrial hydraulic equipment means safety should be a top priority. Understanding the basic safety concerns around hydraulic hoses and couplings will keep your operators protected and your hydraulic equipment running smoothly. Below are a few general safety […]

Large hydraulic cylinder

Common types of hydraulic cylinders

In simplest terms, the hydraulics used in heavy duty diesel engine equipment are systems for doing “linear” work. That is, generating large amounts of force to move something along a linear path (pulling, lifting, pushing, etc.). There are two main sides to this system: the “generator” side consisting of a hydraulic pump which regulates the […]

Closeup of a hydraulic cylinder

Differences Between Hydraulic Cylinders and Pneumatics

A powerful hydraulic system is a core feature of many pieces of heavy duty diesel engine equipment. From excavator arms to front loaders, there are many needs to exert huge force while maintaining as much control and safety as possible. A pneumatic system can perform the same basic function, but with several key differences. For […]

Hydraulic cylinders in service center

How to Get the Best Hydraulic Cylinder Service

Hydraulic cylinders are an essential part of equipment used in the construction, mining, manufacturing, offshore drilling, and other industries. A large cylinder rod with a powerful hydraulic pump can generate a tremendous amount of power to accomplish jobs no other piece of equipment can. That’s why it is so important to have a reliable service […]

Industrial Radiator PSSR Sean Schroeder

Meet Industrial Radiator Product Support Sales Representative Sean Schroeder

The Industrial Radiator Service team continues to grow with the addition of Product Support Sales Representative (PSSR), Sean Schroeder. He is an experienced technician with a background in aerospace mechanics and diesel engine mechanics. The 12 years Sean has spent working on diesel engines in the oilfield service industry will add tremendous value to Industrial […]

Hydraulic cylinders ready for service at Industrial Radiator

Understanding Hydraulic Cylinder Maintenance

For much of the heavy equipment used in oil and gas, construction, mining and other industries, a healthy hydraulic system is crucial. Even small hydraulic cylinders generate tremendous power. That’s why owners and operators should have a basic understanding of proper maintenance and make sure they have a reliable hydraulic cylinder service provider. Key Components […]

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