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About Industrial Radiator

Industrial Radiator Service is an industry leader in high-horsepower diesel engine and generator cooling system service and radiator repair.  We service the entire cooling system and provide the highest quality service with the fastest turnaround. Our highly skilled technicians will accurately diagnose problems affecting your radiator or heat exchanger and provide cost-effective solutions that get your heavy equipment back to optimal performance.

We offer logistics, pickup and delivery services to make each service job as convenient as possible. No matter where you are located, we can pick up equipment from your location and transport it to our service facility. Leave the radiator repair logistics to us so you can focus on what you do best.

If you are looking to purchase a new radiator, browse our selection of complete radiators on our shopping page. Buy new radiators matching OEM numbers from major manufacturers. For help finding the right model for your equipment and for pricing information, please call our sales team at (972) 645-3299.

If you need steel or aluminum fuel tank repair or cleaning, we have you covered. Our technicians repair and rebuild all types of fuel tanks, including aluminum welding service. Bring your tough fuel tank maintenance jobs to us and we’ll take care of everything from hairline cracks to rust-outs. We also install and repair fuel tank baffles, as well as install protective fuel tank lining.

Industrial Radiator also offers hydraulic repair, servicing a wide variety of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, vacuum pumps and pneumatic components. We can also create preventative maintenance programs customized for your equipment and the unique demands of your work environment.  Contact us today to learn more about our service center in Dallas, TX and field service options.

The oil and gas fields Industrial Radiator serves include:

Industrial Radiator is a proud member of NARSA, The International Heat Transfer Association.

Kelvion Rocore radiators logo

Authorized service & sales rep for Kelvion/Rocore heat exchangers

If your heavy equipment has a Rocore cooling system or heat exchanger, it's important to have it serviced by a qualified Kelvion/Rocore service provider. Industrial Radiator Service technicians are authorized to provide the best solutions for these products. In 2018, the Rocore Group became a part of Kelvion, one of the leading global manufacturers of heat exchangers.

Our Mission

We provide comprehensive cooling system repair service focused on the best customer experience possible. That means clear communication and tireless dedication to delivering the highest quality workmanship every time. We are only satisfied when our customers are ecstatic about our service. Industrial Radiator demands the best from its staff and strives to be the premier industrial radiator service facility and hydraulic service center in Texas and the greater Southwest region, serving industrial operators in the oil and gas, mining, quarries, construction, trucking, agriculture and marine industries.

Our Heritage

Industrial Radiator owner Chad Spence has been in the radiator repair industry his entire life. He carries on a proud legacy of service and hard work that began with his grandfather, Lee Wes Spence II. Lee began his career as a salesman for Daniel Radiator in the 1950s. He learned and labored and eventually founded his own automotive radiator repair shop in California. Always the savvy entrepreneur, Lee soon recognized an opportunity to serve industrial operators. That shift sparked a trade which has evolved and strengthened over multiple generations.

Lee Wes Spence at radiator shop
Mark Spence repairing radiator

Lee Spence had three sons, Wes, Bruce and Mark. They immersed themselves in the industry Lee had entered and they developed their own knowledge and skills servicing industrial cooling systems, heat exchangers and other heavy equipment. Mark Spence is Chad’s father, and he instilled a tireless work ethic, a wealth of experience and hard-learned lessons to his eldest son, Chad, over the course of a nearly three decades-long collaboration between the two men.

Today, Chad Spence carries the legacy of nearly 70 years of success in radiator repair service forward into its next phase. He founded Industrial Radiator Service with a grateful eye to the past and an excitement for the future of the trade he loves. Like his father and grandfather before him, Chad aims to be the best at what he does and to leave a legacy through Industrial Radiator that his children will be proud of.

Chad Spence in 1976
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