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Finned tube air cooled heat exchanger

Common types of heat exchanger

A heat exchanger is a device that exchanges heat from one fluid to another. It is a broader category than radiator, as a heat exchanger may involve cooling a piece of equipment or heating it up. There are many different applications for industrial heat exchangers and a variety of different designs. Some types prioritize cooling […]

HD diesel engine radiator repair

How to Tell if Your HD Radiator Needs Repair

The job of a heavy duty radiator is simple: to prevent overheating in your diesel engine. There are many components that help it do this, from the radiator core to the engine coolant. Some radiator issues are inevitable with operation and can be easily identified and fixed with a maintenance plan. Others require repair work […]

Row of excavators

How to Prepare Your Diesel Engine Equipment for Summer

The first official day of summer is approaching fast and high temperatures can put more stress on diesel engines and their cooling systems. Especially if you are in an area that regularly hits triple digits, there are some important steps you should take to make sure your diesel engine equipment is prepared for the summer […]

Diesel engine oil

How Engine Oils Affect Diesel Emissions

Any good heavy duty equipment owner or fleet manager constantly thinks about ways to control the maintenance budget and minimize cost per mile for operating his vehicles. One way some might do this is by using the cheapest engine oil available. Although it’s a basic component that everyone is familiar with, there is a common […]

Shell and tube heat exchanger tube bundle

Common Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Repairs

One of the most widely-used types of heat exchanger is the shell and tube heat exchanger. In this design, a large pressure vessel (shell) houses a bundle of tubes through which fluid flows. A different fluid flows within the shell but outside the tubes, and heat is transferred between the two. Shell and tube heat […]

Diesel engine construction equipment exhaust smoke

Types of Diesel Engine Regeneration

In 2007, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued new mandates for the regulation of diesel engine exhaust. The need to comply with these changes, along with evolving technology, have led to significant changes in how diesel exhaust systems work. With those changes comes increasing responsibility of operators to understand how their system works and how […]

Komatsu diesel engine bulldozer in snow

Diesel Engine Equipment in Cold Operating Temperatures

We all know that overheating is a big potential problem for diesel engines. But did you know that overcooling can be just as serious of a problem? Diesel engine care isn’t only about keeping cool, but regulating temperature precisely so that it stays warm enough to run efficiently. This is especially important for heavy equipment […]

Plate heat exchanger PHE service

Servicing Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE)

Industrial Radiator offers comprehensive testing, cleaning and repair services for industrial plate heat exchangers (PHE). This is a type of heat exchanger prized for its efficiency. Compared to some other types of heat exchanger, a PHE can reduce fluid temperatures quickly because of the large surface area of its plates. The importance of those metal […]

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