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Hydraulic Repair

In addition to complete radiator service and heat exchanger repair, Industrial Radiator is your source for fast and reliable hydraulic repair. We service all types of industrial pneumatics, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulics pump, hydraulics valve, actuators, hydraulics motor, vacuum pumps and blower motor. Like our comprehensive approach to repairing and maintaining radiators, we service the entire hydraulics system. 

Our technicians take care to accurately assess the problems affecting your system and generate solutions that are fast and cost-effective. We’ll also work with you to develop preventative maintenance plans tailored to your specific hydraulics system needs.  Contact us for information about industrial hydraulics field service. The industries we serve include oil and gas, construction, mining and steel mills.

hydraulic cylinder repair
An industrial hydraulic cylinder.
hydraulic reservoir tank service
A hydraulic reservoir tank.
hydraulic oil cooler repair
A hydraulic oil cooler undergoing service.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

The cylinder is often the most important factor in a hydraulic or pneumatic system’s ability to produce power efficiently. The first step of our hydraulic cylinder repair service is usually disassembly and testing. Keeping the cylinder clean is extremely important, so we will check for the presence of any dirt or other contaminants and make sure the piston, piston rod, cylinder barrel, ports and fittings are clean and lubricated. 

After testing and cleaning, we can perform any necessary cylinder head repair or hydraulic cylinder rebuild, replacing parts with serious damage. Whether your hydraulic system has single-acting or double-acting cylinders, heavy-duty tie-rod, welded or mill-duty construction, small or large bore cylinders, Industrial Radiator is equipped to keep the hydraulic fluid pumping and your heavy equipment contributing to your bottom line.

Hydraulic Pumps

We offer hydraulic pump repair for piston, vane and gear pumps. Our expertise will ensure your hydraulics system maintains optimal volumetric efficiency, down to every hydraulic line, hose and fitting. We service hydrostatic (positive-displacement) and hydrodynamic (non-positive-displacement) pumps, carefully checking each system for hydraulic fluid velocity and output pressure. Piston pumps can be an ideal choice to minimize unexpected hydraulic service over the long term, and we repair axial-piston, radial-piston, inline piston and bent-axis pump models.

Vacuum Pumps

A well-maintained vacuum pump is vital to any vacuum system. Industrial Radiator has you covered with vacuum pump repair services for any pressure range: primary pumps, secondary pumps and booster pumps. We’ll diagnose your system for any problems with pumps, lines or valves and make repairs and part replacements with fast turnaround. Compared to dry pumps, wet pumps are especially vulnerable to contaminants because of the oil or water used for lubrication, and careful attention must be paid to the chamber and pipes.

industrial vacuum pumps

Pneumatic Repair

Our fluid power technicians and engineers are ready to test, repair and replace any component in your pneumatic system. We service single-acting and double-acting pneumatic cylinders and can optimize air flow and pressure control. From pressure testing cylinders to pneumatic pump and motor repair, soft part replacement to complete refabrication and rebuild, think Industrial Radiator when taking care of your pneumatic and hydraulic equipment.

Blower Motor

If you are experiencing low air flow through the vents of your heavy equipment or industrial ventilation system, it may be due to a blower motor in need of repair. We clean and repair blower motors and blower fans for a variety of commercial and industrial uses, such as exhausting, ventilating, conveying, drying and general cooling. Industrial Radiator is your cooling system repair shop for belt drive and direct drive blowers, from forward curve to centrifugal or positive displacement blowers. Superior cooling and heating starts with high-quality system maintenance and repair work by expert technicians. Don’t risk safety or efficiency when it comes to industrial blowers.

industrial blower motor

Hydraulics Safety Guide

Download this helpful guide published by Gates about preventive maintenance and safety for hydraulic hose and couplings.

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