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Prep diesel engine cooling system for cold weather

Prepare Your Diesel Engine Cooling System for Cold Weather

Now that the fall season has officially begun, it’s a good time to think about what you can do to help prepare your diesel engine cooling system for cold weather. Coming out of a scorching summer may feel like relief, but dropping temperatures can lead to a host of new problems for hardworking diesel engine […]

Cleaning radiator of fracking pump

Radiator Cleaning with Dry Ice Blasting

When you think of frozen carbon dioxide, more commonly known as dry ice, you probably think about keeping food or beverages cold. But dry ice has another use that is a godsend for heavy equipment owners in need of radiator cleaning: dry ice blasting. Industrial Radiator Service now offers dry ice blasting service to our […]

Diesel particulate filter cleaning and maintenance

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning & Maintenance

You may already know how the cooling system of your diesel engine equipment can affect its performance and safety. But did you know the diesel particulate filter (DPF) can also have a big impact on the efficiency of your heavy equipment? If your equipment has a DPF, it’s important to understand its function and to […]

Q&A with Product Support Sales Rep Erich Treuber

Meet the newest member of the Industrial Radiator Service team, Product Support Sales Rep Erich Treuber. In his new role, Erich will help Industrial Radiator continue to grow and offer more cooling system solutions to our existing customers. His years of experience in sales and customer relations, combined with his deep knowledge of industrial equipment, […]

Diesel engine oil aftercooler

Diesel Engine Oil Cooler and Aftercooler Cores

There are many components that affect the performance of your diesel engine cooling system, from a cooling engine thermostat to the liquid coolant that helps carry heat away from your engine. One of these you may not think about is the oil cooler core. An oil cooler core is essentially a small radiator that lowers […]

Voltage meter

Diesel Engine Coolant and Galvanic and Electrolytic Corrosion

We have explained before the importance of understanding diesel engine coolant and how it affects the overall cooling system in heavy-duty equipment. We’ve also explored how maintaining a healthy cooling system can help prevent costly problems like cylinder lining pitting and cavitation or the buildup of scale deposits. But there’s much more to know about […]

How Scale and Deposits Harm Cooling Systems

There is a lot to consider when maintaining a diesel engine cooling system. Even if every precaution is taken, some harmful substances are bound to accumulate over time. Like normal wear-and-tear on the engine, cooling systems experience the natural buildup of scale and deposits as a byproduct of the coolant needed for the system to […]

diesel engine cooling system thermostat in housing

How Thermostats Help Your Diesel Engine

The purpose of a diesel engine cooling system is pretty obvious: to keep the engine cool and prevent overheating. However, there is more to the system than simply keeping engine temperatures as low as possible all the time. In fact, there are some times when the amount of coolant liquid flowing through to the radiator […]

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