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Fuel Tank Repair

A clean fuel storage tank means cleaner fuel and better fuel efficiency for your equipment. At Industrial Radiator Service, we repair all types of fuel tanks with fast turnaround. Our team of experts will clean, repair or rebuild your steel fuel tanks and aluminum fuel tanks, saving you from having to buy expensive replacements. Whether your tanks have pinholes, cracks, dents or other damage, we can make them like new again.

If a tank is rusted-out, we can clean, rebuild and coat it for future protection. We even have you covered when it comes to fuel tank welding. Make sure all your fuel tanks are well-maintained by trusting them to Industrial Radiator. our highly-trained staff will take care of every detail of your fuel tank repair.

Caterpillar fuel tank repair

Fuel Tank Cleaning

For the same reasons you keep your engine and radiator clean, it’s important to have your fuel tank cleaned regularly. Any place where fuel is stored can have an effect on how your equipment runs. Any debris in the tank will make its way into your fuel, and eventually your engine. A dirty tank may have rust or sediment buildup. Gas tank rust removal will help prevent jams, clogs and fuel pump failures. Contact us whether you need heavy-duty fuel tank rust removal or a routine cleaning.

Fuel Tank Lining

The additives in diesel fuel can make it vulnerable to water absorption if not properly stored. Water in the fuel can cause serious damage to your engine and lead to costly equipment downtime. One way to prevent moisture from entering or collecting on a tank is to use a special lining or coating. We can apply this lining to protect your fuel tanks from all kinds of corrosion, moisture and debris. The coating also helps seal any pinholes or hairline cracks.

Fuel tank repair and cleaning
Fuel tank repair aluminum welding

Fuel Tank Baffles

Baffles are the plates inside a fuel tank which direct the flow of the liquid and prevent it from moving around too much during transit. Industrial Radiator offers internal baffle plate installation and repair on fuel tanks of all sizes. Our aluminum welding service means you’ll get everything needed for fuel tank baffle service from one dependable source.

Welding Service

We perform welding services in-house, including aluminum welding for fuel tanks and other equipment. Fuel tank welding is necessary to fix significant tank damage, as well as for baffle installation or replacement. If you have any mechanical equipment in need of aluminum welding, contact us for fast, high-quality service. We can perform welding service at our facility or in the field at your job site.

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