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How to Get the Best Hydraulic Cylinder Service

Hydraulic cylinders are an essential part of equipment used in the construction, mining, manufacturing, offshore drilling, and other industries. A large cylinder rod with a powerful hydraulic pump can generate a tremendous amount of power to accomplish jobs no other piece of equipment can. That’s why it is so important to have a reliable service partner to help keep hydraulic systems in working order and repair unexpected damage.

Industrial Radiator Service provides complete hydraulic cylinder service, from routine cylinder repacking to machining brand new cylinders from a sample or drawing. Where most shops have a lead time of 6-8 weeks (or longer) for new cylinder builds, we typically complete the work within 2-3 weeks. There is no quantity minimum or limit on new cylinder builds. Because hydraulic service sometimes flies under the radar compared to cooling system repair, here is a breakdown of the main types of work that can be performed on your hydraulic cylinders and why a holistic approach to service capabilities offers the most value for equipment owners.

Basic hydraulic cylinder services

No matter what work needs to be done on a particular cylinder, our service team always fills in small nicks and scratches and then polishes the rod. This baseline maintenance process also includes honing the inside of the cylinder casing, inspecting and polishing the gland, and sealing with a high-quality seal. We also professionally paint each cylinder on every single job. Finally, we carefully test each cylinder for proper performance before shipping back to the customer.

Any repair program that does not have this level of service and attention to detail will risk lingering issues and lead to potentially larger, more expensive problems for your hydraulic equipment over the long term. Here are some specific cylinder services to know:

Repacking or resealing: repacking a hydraulic cylinder is the most common service and involves releasing cylinder pressure by disassembling the components, testing for leaks, performing any necessary cleaning and part replacements, then reassembling the cylinder. We can repack in quantities of up to 100 new cylinders.

New component machining: sometimes it is necessary to manufacture a new hydraulic cylinder component from scratch. Not every shop has this capability, but we machine new hydraulic parts including housings, rods, glands, eyes, and plates. If major failures occur in your hydraulic system, one or more new parts may be the solution. This level of work requires unique expertise and equipment, especially when servicing hydraulic cylinders of all sizes at one shop.

Construction equipment hydraulic cylinder

Cylinder redesigns: related to new component or new cylinder machining, we can completely redesign a hydraulic cylinder that is no longer functioning or is not the right fit for a particular piece of equipment. This is another highly specialized service that can save significant time and cost when done correctly. Some cylinders end up in pieces for one reason or another, but there is almost always a way to leverage some existing parts and create a newly-designed, fully-functional hydraulic system. All it takes is the right service partner.

Hydraulic pumps, motors, and other components

Of course, cylinders aren’t the only piece of an industrial hydraulic system. Hydraulic pumps, motors, tanks, and oil coolers all require regular maintenance. As with hydraulic cylinders, using a service team with machining capabilities is key to getting the best value because it allows any repair or replacement work for shafts, rods, rollers, or gaskets to be done quickly and cost-effectively. The goal should always be to keep the hydraulic fluid pumping and your heavy equipment working as consistently as possible. For more information about hydraulic system service and repair from the most knowledgeable technicians in Texas, contact us today.

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