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Industrial Radiator is your trusted vendor for diesel engine and generator radiator service. Our team brings decades of experience and an obsession with quality to every job. We understand that 90% of all premature engine failures are cooling system related.  Therefore, we perform a thorough evaluation of the cooling system components to ensure that your engine is operating at its optimal performance level. During the remanufacturing service, many state-of-the-art proprietary modifications are utilized to maximize the longevity of your radiator.

We serve a variety of industries utilizing heavy equipment: oil and gas, mining, quarries, construction, power generation, trucking, agriculture and marine. Industrial Radiator serves customers throughout Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and the Gulf.

In addition to radiators, we repair and clean fuel tanks and offer aluminum welding service. We’ll handle the logistics of your repair and provide equipment pickup and delivery services to make everything as convenient and cost-efficient as possible. Learn more about us and see what makes Industrial Radiator the premier radiator, generator and fuel tank service facility.

radiators after repair at service center
industrial radiator in service center
intercooler being cleaned
hydraulic cylinder

We service radiators, oil coolers, charge air coolers, intercoolers and EGR coolers. Learn more about radiator repair and cooling system services. Some of the major brands we service include Detroit dieselCaterpillarCummins and MTU engine radiators. We also service generator radiators.

We will test, clean and repair or remanufacture your heat exchanger and heat transfer components, including shell and tube, marine flat plate and mechanically bonded heat exchangers. Learn more about heat exchanger services.

Industrial Radiator also specializes in hydraulic and pneumatic systems! We can repair or remanufacture any hydraulic cylinder, pump, motor, valve, HPU, vacuum pump or blower motor.  With a machine shop dedicated to hydraulic components, we can easily turn a new rod for your cylinder.

Fuel tank service repair cleaning
Aluminum welding service fuel tanks

Industrial and commercial generators are crucial for making sure power is available in emergency situations or in remote locations. We service and repair diesel generator radiators so they’re ready to go when needed. We offer full generator cooling system diagnosis, core rebuilding and preventative maintenance.

We repair steel and aluminum fuel tanks to fix pinholes, dents, cracks and rust. Clean fuel storage means clean fuel and more stable and efficient engines. Let us clean or rebuild your tanks to keep them pristine. We also install and repair fuel tank baffles and apply protective tank lining.

Industrial Radiator offers aluminum welding service in-house. Our expert technicians can repair aluminum fuel tanks and other equipment. Avoid the need for expensive replacement equipment by using our welding service, which we can perform at our service center or in the field at your job site. 

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