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Industrial Radiator Service and Repair

Industrial radiators aren’t just in our name–they’re in our blood. We bring multiple generations of diesel engine radiator, diesel generator radiator and cooling system repair experience to each project. Our service technicians will attack your toughest cooling system problems and get your heavy equipment back up and running perfectly. We use the best radiator cleaning techniques and equipment for each job site.

Let us handle the logistics with convenient pickup and delivery services. No matter where you are, we will pick up equipment from your location and transport it to our radiator service facility. We serve the oil and gas, coal mining, quarries, construction, trucking, agriculture and marine industries, to name only a few. Industrial Radiator Service is also a proud member of NARSA, The International Heat Transfer Association.

radiator field service
Radiator field service in progress.
industrial radiators after service
Radiators after completed service.
fracking radiator cube
Fracking radiator cube service.

We service all brands of heavy equipment, including DetroitCaterpillarCummins and MTU engine radiators. Everything from trucks, to excavators, to loaders, as well as radiators in both portable and stationary generators. Additional heavy equipment radiator brands we repair include:

Kelvion Rocore radiators logo

We are an authorized service and sales rep for Kelvion/Rocore heat exchangers

If your heavy equipment has a Rocore cooling system or heat exchanger, it's important to have it serviced by a qualified Kelvion/Rocore service provider. For more than 30 years, Rocore has been a trusted name in cooling systems with demanding applications. Be sure your Rocore radiator is repaired by an equally trusted service partner. Industrial Radiator Service technicians are authorized to provide the best solutions for these products. In 2018, the Rocore Group became a part of Kelvion, one of the leading global manufacturers of heat exchangers.

Shopping for a new radiator? We have a wide selection of complete radiators available to buy online.

Cooling System Diagnosis

When your cooling system is not performing according to specs, it is vital to identify the specific problems affecting heat transfer. Only then can the best and most cost-effective solution be determined. Industrial Radiator Service technicians are trained to quickly and precisely diagnose cooling system performance issues and develop a service plan to minimize costly equipment downtime.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is essential for an industrial cooling system. We can develop a preventive maintenance program tailored specifically for your equipment, minimizing expensive premature failure. We believe the best radiator repair service is not only about fixing your problems, but also preventing problems before they happen.

Radiator Remanufacturing

Industrial Radiator repairs everything from the small heater core to the large fracking cube radiators. We will remanufacture or replace components needed to produce a premium industrial radiator.

We can rebuild or manufacture any part that’s needed for the system and are equipped with a custom machine shop dedicated to radiator service.  We service radiators and coolers of all constructions, including steel, aluminum, copper and brass.

rebuilding radiator core

In some cases, it may be necessary to recore a radiator. In general, most radiator problems involve the core, as its tubes and fins are made of relatively thin metal and are vulnerable to damage in harsh environments. If your radiator hardware is in good condition, we will remove the damaged core, replacing it with a new one. We stock the parts to recore and repair a variety of rad sizes, and can custom manufacture anything that may be needed to get the job done.

Cooling System Service

We understand how to get the most out of your entire cooling system, which makes us more than just a radiator repair shop. In addition to industrial radiator repair, we service the following types of heat transfer technology, with field service available.

Oil Coolers

The oil cooler is an essential part of most engine cooling systems. Oil coolers remove heat from the engine and keep the oil cool. Industrial Radiator can identify oil cooler leaks and service it to make sure all components of your water-to-oil coolers are working efficiently.

Oil cooler service

Charge Air Coolers

If your induction system includes a turbocharger and charge air cooler, we have you covered. A well-maintained charge air cooler will improve the horsepower and fuel efficiency of your engine. Hot climates and rough terrain can have a seriously negative effect on charge air coolers. We’ll ensure the cooler is working properly so there’s no loss of horsepower or poor fuel efficiency.


An intercooler is generally considered the same as a charge air cooler. It cools compressed air that has passed through an engine turbocharger, keeping the intake air at a safe temperature and improving fuel combustion. We clean and repair air-to-water intercoolers and aftercoolers.

intercooler cleaning

EGR Coolers

An EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) cooler is important for a safe and efficient emissions system. It recirculates nitrogen oxide to keep heat and pressure within the engine at reasonable levels and to reduce harmful emissions. Let Industrial Radiator help keep your EGR cooling system running smoothly by removing debris buildup that may cause engine failure.

EGR cooler service

Heat Exchanger

Industrial Radiator specializes in radiator repair, but also services other types of heat exchanger and heat transfer components. Visit our heat exchanger page to learn more about the testing, cleaning, repair and rebuild services we offer for these types of heating and cooling system and more:

Download this helpful guide from Caterpillar about the basic components, functions and maintenance best practices of an industrial cooling system.

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