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Heat Exchanger Repair

Industrial Radiator offers testing, cleaning, repair and rebuild services for a variety of heat exchanger types and heat transfer components. As experts in the entire cooling system, we know how to identify problems affecting your heat exchanger efficiency and will restore your heavy equipment to its best performance as quickly as possible. To make the process fast and convenient for you, our technicians are equipped to perform field service, including cooling system testing, cooling system repair and reinstallation on site. Delivering a premium cooling system is our standard for every job we perform.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

We will test your shell and tube heat exchanger for leaks and provide the cleaning and repair services you need. Our expert technicians will find any source of heat exchanger fouling, from dirty fluid deposits and algae, to corrosion and other contaminants. These unwanted substances can insulate the exchanger tubes and negatively affect temperature and pressure. We will clean the tube walls to remove insulating contaminants. If necessary, the troubleshooting process can include the drawing of coolant and water samples in the field for laboratory testing. We understand that your business depends on your heat transfer technology producing correct temperatures and pressure each and every day, and we’ll make sure it happens.

shell and tube heat exchanger repair
A technician repairing a shell and tube heat exchanger.

In addition to performing routine testing and maintenance, Industrial Radiator can repair your shell and tube heat exchanger and even fabricate new or replacement parts. We service the shell, tubes, tube sheets, heads and baffles for both single-pass and multi-pass heat exchangers. From a retubing to a more complex reconditioning or rebuild, you can count on us to provide an honest assessment of the most cost-effective way to repair your heat transfer system.

Plate Heat Exchanger

Industrial Radiator also services plate heat exchangers. Our technicians thoroughly assess both internal plates and external pressure plates for any debris or hard deposits. We then develop the best plan for cleaning and repairing the plates to ensure superior cooling and heating. This usually includes pressure washing and chemical cleaning each plate.

industrial plate heat exchangers
An industrial plate heat exchanger system.

The gaskets are inspected for any necessary realignment, cleaning of adhesive residue or other contaminants. Sometimes, regasketing or other component reconditioning will improve heat exchanger efficiency. If disassembly of the plate heat exchanger is required for repair or parts replacement, we will perform the necessary repair work, reassemble and reinstall the cooling system in a way that minimizes system downtime so it’s most cost-effective for you.

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