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Finned tube air cooled heat exchanger

Common types of heat exchanger

A heat exchanger is a device that exchanges heat from one fluid to another. It is a broader category than radiator, as a heat exchanger may involve cooling a piece of equipment or heating it up. There are many different applications for industrial heat exchangers and a variety of different designs. Some types prioritize cooling […]

Shell and tube heat exchanger tube bundle

Common Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Repairs

One of the most widely-used types of heat exchanger is the shell and tube heat exchanger. In this design, a large pressure vessel (shell) houses a bundle of tubes through which fluid flows. A different fluid flows within the shell but outside the tubes, and heat is transferred between the two. Shell and tube heat […]

Plate heat exchanger PHE service

Servicing Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE)

Industrial Radiator offers comprehensive testing, cleaning and repair services for industrial plate heat exchangers (PHE). This is a type of heat exchanger prized for its efficiency. Compared to some other types of heat exchanger, a PHE can reduce fluid temperatures quickly because of the large surface area of its plates. The importance of those metal […]

Rocore shell and tube oil cooler

Industrial Radiator Is a Service and Sales Rep for Kelvion Products

We are excited to announce that Industrial Radiator Service is now an official non-exclusive service and sales representative for Kelvion and Rocore heat exchange products. This is big news because it means we are specially equipped to service and sell products from one of the most trusted cooling system and heat exchanger brands in the […]

methane gas collection process

How Heat Exchangers Help Convert Landfill Gas to Renewable Energy

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) landfills account for about 14.1 percent of all human-related methane gas emissions in the United States. Methane gas is important to track because it is a major greenhouse gas that traps heat in Earth’s atmosphere. In fact, methane is 28-36 times more potent […]

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