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Caterpillar Radiator Repair

Caterpillar engines power essential equipment working around the clock on construction sites and oil rigs, in coal mines and generators. Industrial Radiator technicians are experts in Cat engines and are ready to provide high-quality repair or service to all Caterpillar equipment cooling systems. In addition to engines, we service and repair Caterpillar generators. With hundreds of types of Cat equipment out there, you need a service partner who knows the brand thoroughly and understands how the radiator and cooling system affect your Caterpillar machine as a whole.

Cat radiator service

Shop our selection of radiators for Caterpillar equipment. Aftermarket cooling systems for construction models and more.

Industrial Radiator is the only source you need for pressure testing, cleaning, repairing or replacing Caterpillar cores, caps and other OEM or aftermarket radiator parts. We also offer hydraulic oil cooler repair and charge air cooler service. We’ll ensure a reliable Caterpillar engine cooling system in heavy-duty machines operating in even the harshest conditions and most demanding industries. Some of the Cat radiator models we service include:

Caterpillar mining truck and radiator

Download this helpful guide from Caterpillar about the basic components, functions and maintenance best practices of an industrial cooling system.

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