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Why Radiator Service Logistics Are Key

We’ve all experienced the feeling at some point. That feeling when something has gone wrong, a tool we need to effectively do our job is failing or missing, and frustration takes over as the hours of lost productivity pile up. Maybe it’s a piece of equipment that has broken down, or a large repair job where critical parts are not at hand and need to be sourced. Whatever the road block, time is money when it comes to radiator service logistics. The frustration comes from not being able to do what we do best, and not having the right partners to help us respond to unexpected problems.

Removing the stress and frustration from these situations is our specialty at Industrial Radiator Service. We repair and service heavy equipment radiators and cooling systems for customers all over the country and in every environment imaginable. How do we do it? By taking the logistics work off of the operator’s plate.

Caterpillar 992K Bucket Loader radiator service

In most cases, our customers do not have time to figure out how to get the parts in need of repair or replacement to our service center and back, much less actually do the delivery and pickup themselves. That’s why taking on the challenge of logistics, pickup and delivery is so important to what we do at Industrial Radiator Service.

The service work itself is only part of the value we bring to our customers in mining, oil and gas, construction and other industries.

For example, one of our customers was rebuilding a Caterpillar 992K Bucket Loader in the field at a quarry pit. Repairing the radiator was a key component of the job for this piece of heavy equipment. Our customer did not have time to move the loader out of the pit, then to a radiator shop for service and back to the pit. So, we went to him and performed the radiator service on site, right at the quarry. Doing what needed to be done exactly where it was needed saved him and his customer a lot of hassle and helped get the loader back up and running much faster than if it were transported.

A different customer of ours was located in a remote part of Wyoming. They needed to replace a spent radiator to get their equipment back up and running, but had no sources anywhere in the area. So, they called us for help.

We delivered a remanufactured radiator to their location and exchanged it for the one needing service. We saved them days of equipment down time by handling the logistics and exchanging the radiator at their location.

Wyoming radiator service delivery

Even in cases where it is necessary to move a radiator or an entire piece of heavy equipment to our service center in Dallas, TX, we have you covered. Wherever you’re located, we’ll find the most efficient and cost-effective way to pick up your equipment and deliver it back to you after service is complete. Whether on-site field service or pickup and delivery services are the best way to go, Industrial Radiator Service can handle it. We love going the extra mile (or many miles) to make high-quality engine and generator radiator repair as painless as possible.

Contact us today to learn more about logistics services and to discuss solutions for your radiator needs.


  1. I am looking for a Remote Radiator for a Caterpillar C-15 500KW Generator

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      Hi Jeff,

      We will have a member of our team contact you shortly to help with this. Thanks for commenting!

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