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Industrial Radiator Is a Service and Sales Rep for Kelvion Products

We are excited to announce that Industrial Radiator Service is now an official non-exclusive service and sales representative for Kelvion and Rocore heat exchange products. This is big news because it means we are specially equipped to service and sell products from one of the most trusted cooling system and heat exchanger brands in the world.

Most Rocore radiators are designed for very demanding applications, so it’s important that they are taken to a service provider that knows exactly how they work and how to fix problems safely. As a service and sales rep for Kelvion products, we understand their cooling systems inside and out and will keep the unique demands of these heavy-duty systems in mind as we perform repair work. Our service team has completed special requirements to make sure they’re using the best and most efficient techniques.

About Rocore Radiators and Heat Exchangers

Rocore has been a respected name in cooling systems for more than 30 years. Its sterling reputation is built on a few key factors: decades of experience, a global footprint and an obsession with customer satisfaction and quality. Many equipment manufacturers serve a broad range of industries and equipment types, but Rocore is dedicated to heavy duty applications in demanding environments. That specialization is a big part of why repairing a Rocore can be a different animal from repairing other radiators.

The portfolio of Kelvion/Rocore cooling products that Industrial Radiator can service as an official representative includes extreme heavy duty mechanically-bonded products, shell and tube heat exchangers, and plate oil coolers, just to name a few. The construction of their complete radiators can be copper/brass or all aluminum, with flat fin or serpentine fin design.

Rocore heavy industrial radiator
A Rocore heavy duty industrial radiator.
Rocore shell and tube oil cooler
A Rocore industrial shell and tube heat exchanger.

Rocore Joins Global Manufacturer Kelvion

In September 2018, the Rocore group became a part of Kelvion, another global leader in heat exchanger manufacturing. Kelvion has been around since the 1920s and specializes in custom cooling solutions for extreme environments. If that sounds like a perfect match, that’s because it is. If you work in power generation, oil and gas, rail or petrochemical, chances are at least some of your heavy equipment relies on a Kelvion/Rocore system to stay cool.

At the time of the acquisition, Rocore CEO Stuart Eden said “We are confident that through Kelvion´s global reach and our joint product portfolio we will be able to offer great new products and services to our customers. The strengths of both Groups complement each other perfectly.”

Why an Authorized Kelvion Service and Sales Rep Matters

When operating equipment in tough environments like coastal or offshore areas, refineries, mines and smelters, it’s absolutely essential to have the best maintenance and service quality for your heat transfer systems. As a service and sales representative for Kelvion/Rocore products, Industrial Radiator is better equipped than ever to serve those demanding markets. If you trust your Rocore products (and you should), you can trust that our technicians are specially authorized to keep them in top condition.

Industrial Radiator Service is proud to carry this new designation. We share the same values that make the Rocore and Kelvion brands and their products unique: a commitment to quality, consistent performance and customer satisfaction. We also believe that it isn’t enough to install a good cooling product in your heavy equipment–you also have to commit to the proper maintenance plan with a qualified service partner.

If you’d like to learn more about Kelvion and Rocore radiator service or heat exchange products, contact us and we’ll be happy to help with your cooling system needs.

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