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Q&A with Industrial Radiator Service Manager Seth Copeland

Industrial Radiator Service recently welcomed its new Service Manager, Seth Copeland. Seth has been in the cooling system industry for nearly 20 years, and brings his expansive knowledge of industrial equipment and cooling systems to a growing service team. His leadership will help Industrial Radiator continue to serve its customers, as well as bring new clients and markets into the fold. We asked Seth to share a bit about himself, his background in the industry, and his goals for the Industrial Radiator service team moving forward.

Q: What is your background in the cooling system industry and how did you get started?

Seth: I am originally from Cullman, a small town in Alabama. I’ve been in the cooling system industry for 17 years and have done just about every service job imaginable during that time. Most of my career in Alabama was spent working with my brother-in-law, who has been a great mentor and collaborator. Our radiator shop started as a small, family-run operation and grew into a large, successful company serving clients all over the state.

Growing up, I had no intention of working in the cooling system industry. In fact, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my professional life. I worked at a recycling plant while in high school, and then at a steel plant right after I graduated. It was my brother-in-law, Kevin Lemons, who first guided me toward the cooling industry. He had taken over the family radiator shop from his father, and was looking for dependable employees. He asked me to join the company and I jumped at the chance to learn a new trade.

I started by completing a technical training program for auto mechanics, and was fascinated right away. I decided to learn all I could about radiators and industrial equipment. I’ve grown to love the cooling system business more and more since then. I’m proud to say that I won the cooling system knowledge competition at a recent NARSA conference, and came in a close second in the skills competition.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working in the cooling system industry?

Seth: It’s the large industrial equipment that I enjoy working on the most. I specialize in servicing the Komatsu and Caterpillar equipment used by coal mines and rock quarries. During my time in Alabama, the coal industry in particular was a major client. In those markets, dependable service is extremely important. I have always been the guy who customers call first when they have important equipment down and need someone to fix it quickly. I enjoy being that go-to problem solver.

Q: What are your goals in your new role as Service Manager for Industrial Radiator?

Seth: My number one priority will be what it has always been: to provide the absolute best cooling system service in the industry. In my many years as a service manager, I’ve always led by example. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty on the shop floor, and will do whatever it takes to make our team the best it can be. In only a short time, we’ve already formed a strong bond and learned a lot from each other.

More specifically, my goal is to help the Industrial Radiator Service team expand into new areas and grow the service side of our business. We already have an incredible group of technicians, but there is still so much opportunity to spread our name and help new customers in new places.

One example of that is the oil and gas industry. It’s a group that doesn’t have a large presence in Alabama, but is obviously a hugely important industry in Texas and the surrounding region. There is some uncertainty regarding fracking in light of the recent presidential election, so our mission will be to build strong relationships and be a dependable resource to help those outfits keep doing what they do best.

Q: How has the experience been moving to a new city to take on this challenge?

Seth: For my wife, Sara, and our four kids, it’s certainly been an adventure. Moving 700 miles from a small town in Alabama to Dallas, Texas is no small feat.

We’re now in a big city that’s only one part of an even larger metroplex, but it’s an exciting change. Industrial Radiator already feels like home, and I’ve seen nothing but outstanding results from our team so far. My family and I are very excited for what the future holds and I feel fortunate to do what I do.

Industrial Radiator Service Manager Seth Copeland and his family

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