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Cooling System Service During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We are now immersed in a pandemic that is testing our collective resolve. COVID-19 is affecting communities, businesses and families on a daily basis. None of us have experienced anything quite like this in our lifetimes. But, if we continue to take precautions and focus on supporting each other, especially those who are working on the frontlines of our critical institutions, we will surely endure these challenges and recover as quickly as possible.

Industrial Radiator Service is open for business and is following all safety guidance concerning COVID-19. The health of our employees and customers is our number one priority. We are taking the necessary precautions while serving businesses determined to be essential under CISA (Critical Infrastructure Sectors) guidelines. These industries, which are vital to daily life, rely on us to service their equipment cooling systems–and we are proud to support them.

Here are just a few examples of these mission-critical radiator projects and the work our dedicated service team is doing to help ease the burden of this pandemic on our customers and our communities.

Servicing Rock Quarries that Supply the Government

rock quarry radiator repair on site
quarry equipment radiator repair job

A North Texas rock quarry has been fulfilling orders for the state, and our team is making sure its excavation and transportation equipment stays cool, safe and efficient. The aggregate from quarries like this is used in a variety of important infrastructure projects, including road construction and repair. We make the repair process as efficient as possible by transporting radiators to our service center, then back to the quarry once service is complete. That allows the heavy equipment to remain on the job site and get back to work immediately.

Helping Keep Water Pipelines Flowing in Texas

With so many people isolated at home, it’s more important than ever to install and maintain the pipelines supplying our water. We’re helping essential construction crews in Texas do just that by repairing the cooling systems in their boring machines. These machines dig the large underground tunnels through which pipelines are installed.

pipeline boring machine radiator service

It’s a tough job creating pipe shafts and digging bore pits, which means the equipment endures a lot of stress. Without proper radiator maintenance, a boring machine may overheat or break down completely, significantly delaying time-sensitive projects.

Generator Radiators Power Essential Facilities

A final example of what we’re doing to support essential infrastructure during this pandemic is our work on outdoor generator radiators. When an unexpected power outage happens, it’s up to the diesel generator to provide emergency power and keep things running. Especially in our current situation, medical facilities and manufacturing plants cannot afford to have any downtime without electricity. A generator’s ability to function may very well save lives.

Caterpillar generator radiator repair
outdoor generator radiator service

Diesel generators wear down over time, and those without proper maintenance plans may be experiencing reliability or efficiency problems right now. We’re using our expertise in generator cooling systems to service radiators and keep these crucial pieces of equipment in working order. Even routine generator inspections help us identify and fix radiator issues before they affect healthcare and other crucial locations.

If yours is an essential business working hard to keep us going during this challenging time, know that Industrial Radiator Service is here and ready to help. If your business is temporarily on hold, now may be a good time to prepare for the future and make sure preventive maintenance plans are in place, cooling systems are repaired, and your equipment fleet is set for when things return to normal.

Contact us today and we’ll make sure you get the radiator service you need. If you’re in need of a replacement system, we have hundreds of radiators available to buy through our online shop.

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