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Radiator Cleaning with Dry Ice Blasting

When you think of frozen carbon dioxide, more commonly known as dry ice, you probably think about keeping food or beverages cold. But dry ice has another use that is a godsend for heavy equipment owners in need of radiator cleaning: dry ice blasting.

Industrial Radiator Service now offers dry ice blasting service to our customers. As part of this exciting addition to our suite of cooling system solutions, we wanted to share some basic information about the cleaning process, why it’s special, and what applications you should consider for your maintenance plan.

What is dry ice blasting?

Dry ice blasting is a cleaning process in which solid CO2 pellets are launched at supersonic speeds at a surface in order to lift away contaminates. The basic mechanics are similar to water or sand blasting, but the difference is in the unique properties of the dry ice. When dry ice pellets hit a substrate, they instantaneously turn from solid to gas. This immediate state change is called sublimation. As a gas, the CO2 safely dissipates without leaving any residue or moisture behind. No evaporation necessary!

Cleaning radiator of fracking pump

Dry ice blasting machines can use pellets of different sizes and shapes. High-density pellets and cut blocks are two of the most common types of dry ice used. We typically use dry ice blocks for radiator cleaning because it is the safest, least abrasive method and yet still extremely effective. A dry ice block of about 60 pounds is pushed against rotating knives, and the cut pellets are then launched at speeds of up to 1,000 feet per second.

Why use dry ice blasting to clean your radiator?

Now that you know what makes dry ice blasting unique compared to traditional power washing, why use it to clean radiators in diesel engine equipment? Dry ice blasting provides superior radiator cleaning because it does not leave behind any water or other mess and it virtually eliminates the risk of collateral damage.

Think about cleaning a radiator at an outdoor job site using water blasting–you may end up with a clean radiator, but you’ll also have tons of water and mud to deal with. Traction becomes an issue, nearby equipment may have gotten dirty, and you’ve essentially solved one problem but created another. That’s where dry ice blasting comes in: it can clean your equipment without any unwanted residue. It’s also much safer for electrical components, won’t cause corrosion or rust, and can pass right through the radiator core without damaging its fins.

Dry ice blasting radiator of fracking pump

The advantages of radiator cleaning with dry ice are especially relevant to the oil and gas industry. The frac units in oil and gas fields get filthy, and dry ice blasting will clean those units on site, thoroughly and efficiently. Dry ice blasting is also a perfect solution for commercial buildings that have diesel generators. Some generators are located indoors, so water blasting would create a huge mess. Dry ice blasting provides waterless radiator cleaning that is safe for any location.

How do I get dry ice blasting service?

If you need radiator cleaning without the mess, Industrial Radiator Service now offers dry ice blasting service from the best team in the industry. We will adjust to your schedule and come to your location. Our service personnel are specially trained to meet all safety requirements. We pride ourselves on performing the absolute highest-quality work with responsive customer service. Contact us today for more information about dry ice blasting or other cooling system services.

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