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Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is an effective way to clean your radiator without creating messy residue. This unique radiator cleaning process launches solid CO2 pellets at supersonic speeds to separate contaminates from a surface. It works similarly to water or sand blasting, but with one key difference.

That difference is when dry ice pellets strike a substrate, they turn from solid to gas instantaneously. This state change is called sublimation, and it’s the reason the CO2 safely dissipates into the air instead of creating a mess around the service area. No evaporation, no potential water damage, no cleanup necessary!

The dry ice blasting machines used to clean industrial radiators use pellets of different shapes and sizes. We typically use cut blocks of dry ice because it is the least abrasive type of blasting. We start with a 60-pound block of dry ice and push it against rotating knives to cut solid pellets which can be launched at speeds of up to 1,000 feet per second. The result is an ideal radiator cleaning process that is especially valuable for outdoor job sites and indoor radiators such as in a commercial building’s diesel generator.

Think about the potential damage or costly cleanup using water or sand blasting on a radiator inside a commercial building, such as a hospital or office, would cause. Or, consider the problems a muddy outdoor job site will pose in the wake of cooling system service that uses lots of water. Waterless cleaning from our expert team will prevent these headaches and give you a clean radiator with minimal interruption to your business.

Our dry ice blasting service team is specially trained in this process and performs the highest-quality work. We will even service your equipment on site and help handle logistics.

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